There are more and more projects that are moving their business operations onto the EOSIO blockchain and today we learned about yet another one. It’s a freelance professional’s marketplace called Moonlighting.

The company announced today that it raised a $5M investment round from the FinLab EOS VC fund, a joint venture of FinLab AG and Moonlighting has 700,000 users that can now become users of the EOS blockchain.

CEO Jeff Tennery provided the following reasoning for the move:

We have been exploring blockchain protocols since the end of 2017 and [have] chosen EOSIO due to its ability to scale transaction processing, maintain low transaction costs and enable ease of user account management.

You can read more about the announcement here.

The news comes on the heels of another project, previously operating in the centralized space, recently announcing its transition onto the EOS blockchain. A mobile forum management platform called Tapatalk was recently in the news with their plans of integrating EOS blockchain technology in order to advance engagement incentives and monetization opportunities across tens of thousands of forums it helps operate.

It will be interesting to see how Moonlighting which was built as a centralized platform competes with the other freelance marketplace projects that were already built or are being built from scratch on EOSIO, such as HireVibes and Workcoin.

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