We absolutely love what Rob Finch and Cypherglass are creating with EOS Name Service. Not only are they making the account creation process as simple and effortless as possible by allowing credit card/PayPal purchases of 12 character EOS accounts for a flat fee of $0.99 USD, but they are also working on building the infrastructure to allow your EOS account name to be used as a decentralized domain name!

You can read more about the importance of this in an article we wrote here.

They are currently in the midst of releasing 7 names in 7 days, some of the more recently added names are .tp, .q, .ar, .f, .mail, .5, .link and one of our favourites .co

Make sure you grab your preferred name now before someone else gets it! Also if you use our referral link below you’ll receive a 5% discount (on some names) while also helping us out as we will receive 5% commission from your purchase, it’s a win-win!


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