Released 17th of April, 2019

Before playing any gambling dApps please remember they do have addictive characteristics, please don’t gamble more than you’re willing to lose. This is not a sponsored review but I do hold EOSreel tokens.

If you read our review of EOSreel’s first slot “Red Diamond” you would have noticed the screen grab of the Telegram conversation we had with Jin (EOSreel admin), who stated there would be a progressive jackpot and free spin slots on the roadmap. Well the EOSreel team have delivered on their promises!

Early EOSreel telegram conversation

EOSreel have just released their second slot machine game “Fortunes Door” The new slot has an ancient asian theme and the feature of free spins, which gives it a point of difference compared to “Red Diamond” their first slot.

Ancient asian themed symbols
New betting amounts

New betting amounts have been introduced, you can now spin the reel for as little as 0.03 EOS, which should allow anyone to have a test of the game without risking too much of their hard earn EOS. Max bet has also changed, having increased to 3 EOS.

Free Spins

So the aim of Fortunes Door is to spin up 3 or more Doors to gain free spins. What’s so special about free spins? Well apart from being free all the lower valued symbols and doors are removed, plus the Wild symbols 2x the payout amount. So your chances of winning and winning a higher amount are greatly increased.

Free Spin details
Fortunes Door Payment Lines

There are also extra payments lines, which I’m assuming will also increase your chances of winning.

One thing that Fortunes Door doesn’t have is a Jackpot, which will be exclusive to playing Red Diamond. This is a good idea in my opinion as it will seperate the original first EOSreel slot from the rest. Theres only one way to win the 8,000 EOS + jackpot!


The machine is a joy to play, super smooth and the graphics are impressive to say the least, one of the best designed slots I’ve seen online not just in the blockchain space.

Check out the gameplay below, I had some luck on a 1.5 EOS bet…

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User Interface
User Experience
Token Economics

Final Verdict

Once again i'm impressed with what the team at EOSreel have delivered. These slots are incredibly well designed and I'm sure they'll stand out from the pack once the mainstream online gambling communities realise what's going on with blockchain and specially EOS.