WhaleEx, a DEX, or a decentralized exchange, that claims to have the highest transaction volume in the EOS ecosystem, has just been added to Lynx.


Lynx is a highly-regarded top US-based crypto wallet with over 24K new crypto accounts created. The Lynx team is run by a serial entrepreneur Fred Krueger, who is a prominent figure in the EOS community.

DEX Newcomer

WhaleEx is a relative newcomer into the EOS world. It was officially launched on November 7th, 2018. Despite its nascent age, the exchange already claims  to have the highest transactional volume among all of the EOS exchanges. However, due to the nature of their smart contract a correct Tx count does not yet get properly reflected in DappRadar, a popular EOS dapp tracker.

WhaleEx currently offers trading on close to 50 pairs of EOS-based tokens. Listing a token for trading on the exchange is free, however, the team is pretty selective about which projects it wants to see trade on its platform. For instance, most of the “fly-by-night” gambling dApps are frowned upon and not listed.

New Pairs Listed

Last week WhaleEx announced addition of 4 new trading pairs:

HIG/EOS: The HiGold Community is dedicated to developing a cryptocurrency community focus on decentralized applications.

HORUS/EOS: HorusPay is a decentralized Global Pay Portal using blockchain technology which allows global entities to exchange private, encrypted, secured data for international payroll vendors.

ROS/EOS: Although the idea behind ROS is yet unclear (their site in not translated into English), it seems to be some sort of a gifting dapps.

PATR/EOS: Patreos is a decentralized content ecosystem built on the EOS blockchain that powers content sharing, subscriptions, funding, and campaigns to promote community growth and creative freedom.

Mystery Trading Pair

Last, but not least, WhaleEx team recently made the following announcement in their Twitter account:


Therefore, we should all expect TLOS listing on WhaleEx some time in the future, which a lot of Telos token holders should be really excited about.

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