pEOS is a super interesting project on EOS which claims to add an optional privacy layer to your EOS transactions. If true this is a huge deal, unfortunately because of the nature of the project we have zero knowledge about the team behind pEOS, so please proceed with extra caution when investing in this project.

Airdrop Claim

The pEOS airdrop was completed on the 25th of February from a snapshot taken on the 15th of February.

BUT to claim the airdrop you do need to send a transaction of pEOS to another account, this will then claim the pEOS for both accounts. Make sure you do this before the 25th of April as this is the deadline and all pEOS not claimed will be burned.

Why pEOS?

Privacy is a huge deal and something which crypto desperately needs. When I first started researching different crypto’s to invest into, privacy coins were high on my radar and I was very close to investing into some of them. I did however realise that the privacy technology will most likely be something that all coins integrate into their tokens in the future, which would then render the “privacy coins” useless, or nothing special.


The fact that EOS isn’t a “privacy” coin means if governments/authorises attempt to target and shut down privacy coins (which is highly likely) EOS won’t fall into the category of a “privacy coin”. pEOS is an anonymous project created on top of the EOSIO open source software and the creators of EOS have no liability nor responsibility for the project. pEOS is simply using the EOSIO open source technology. This is the genius of the EOSIO and in my opinion.

More info

Offical website –

Check out their white paper which describes the project in great detail –

They also have a host article on their Medium page –

And Dallas Rushing just recored a really great overview of the project.

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