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Timeframe: 15th to 22nd of July

Your EOS Account in Safe Mode

Clever Permissions Management That Guarantees More Protection

“The EOS permissions system is one of the most robust features available to developers and users alike. But, creating a custom permission for every dApp breaks the user-experience and in some cases is not even possible. Put your EOS account in safe mode by locking down your staked EOS with a single permission that still allows you to seamlessly enjoy the EOS blockchain. “

Read more: https://medium.com/eos-new-york/your-eos-account-in-safe-mode-86ad99fd8c40

Goldchain Use Case Series Part 1 :: Dentistry and Catalysts

The Goldchain team started a new series of articles on how Gold is used in the marketplace in an effort to educate the community on all the important real world uses for the precious metal. Goldchain is a mining supply chain protocol that tracks the provenance of metals on the EOS blockchain and tokenizes metals for peer-to-peer transactions.  

“Most people know Gold is used in Jewelry and Electronics, but what about other use cases? There is a real marketplace around both precious metals and other metals and this series is designed to help make Gold sexy again.” 

This article use cases:

 – Dentistry

 – Catalysts

Read more: https://medium.com/@goldchaincrypto/goldchain-use-case-series-part-1-dentistry-and-catalysts-a23d67040af3

Why is Scalability So Important for Blockchain Solutions?

Bart Wyatt recently published a new article on Cointelegraph regarding Scalability and Decetralization. Bart Wyatt leads Block.one’s Blockchain Team and is responsible for guiding the development of the company’s strategic vision for EOSIO. 

“One of the most approachable ways to improve scalability in the industry is to consider a decentralized application […] as an experience that is provided by coordinating many independent platforms and protocols. […]  I believe it would serve the blockchain industry well to recognize that solving scalability for blockchains is a team sport.”

Read more: https://cointelegraph.com/news/why-is-scalability-so-important-for-blockchain-solutions

MSIG Proposal: Update regroducer Ricardian Contract

“EOS42 submitted a referendum to update the regproducer Ricardian Contract on May 29th, 2019. The proposal quickly gained support, and currently has 15.5 Million votes, with 99.63% approval amongst voters. […] Given the support received for the proposal, EOS42 has submitted an MSIG to put the proposed updates into effect. The MSIG will expire on August 16th, 2019.”

The regproducer update proposal will set clear expectations for the most basic elements of a Block Producer. Through this baseline of expectations, it will be possible to encourage a collaborative culture that will make EOS significantly more secure and reliable. 

Track the MSIG here

Read more: https://medium.com/@eos42/msig-proposal-update-regroducer-ricardian-contract-842729d71cb0

Sportbet becomes the first decentralized sportsbook to offer LIVE betting!. 

SportBet has announced the launch of Soccer LIVE betting BETA! Now you can bet on your favorite team while you’re watching the match.

*During the Beta period of LIVE betting, SportBet reserves the right to refund a bet in case of internal malfunction.

SportBet is the First Decentralized EOS Sportsbook. Unlike traditional online sportsbooks, our platform doesn’t require identity verification and deposits. SportBet ensures anonymous, transparent betting and instant payouts to the users’ EOS wallets.

Try SportBet now at: SportBet.one

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WORBLI to Power EDNA, Bringing DNA Property Rights Back to the People

WORBLI recently announced their involvement into the EDNA project. EDNA is an EOS based member-owned community working to insure genetic privacy and DNA property rights. Through EDNA users will be allowed to share their data and participate in genetic research while  monetizing their own DNA data. 

WORBLI will help them develop their commercial strategy and provide the financial and regulatory glue to allow EDNA to operate on various chains by meeting the latest AML/KYC requirements. 

Read more: https://medium.com/@WORBLI/worbli-to-power-edna-bringing-dna-property-rights-back-to-the-people-7f28e6001ff

TP Man | TokenPocket global ambassador program is LIVE!

TokenPocket recently announced their latest ambassador program: “TP Man”. Through this program they aim to find a group of community KOL who recognize TP value and have an active influence on promoting TokenPocket.

TP Man Reward:

 – Bonus

 – An exclusive logo inside the wallet

 – Interview for TP Man

 – Priority for the candies

And more.. 

The purpose of TP Man is to educate the community and help users know more about TokenPocket.

Read more: https://medium.com/@tokenpocket.gm/tp-man-tokenpocket-global-ambassador-program-is-live-e4e745d65d28

EOSIO™ Strategic Vision: Scaling the EOSIO Platform (Part 1 of 4)

Every week the block.one team provides us with a new article, to stay in touch with the community and inform us about their latest updates. In their new article they explained the details of their Strategic Vision, particularly how they plan to maximize efficiency while the EOSIO software gets more scalable. 

“Through continuous research and innovation, our team has strived to develop a robust, efficient, and highly capable software environment that can rapidly scale to meet needs determined by marketplace dynamics” 

Vertical scaling:


 – Multi-Threading

 – Improvements In Nodeos 

 – Advanced Database Technologies

 – Reducing Resource Reliance 

Horizontal scaling:

 – IBC Mechanisms

 – Parallel Smart-Contract Execution

 – Abstraction Layers

 – Data Access Scalability

Read more: https://eos.io/news/eosio-strategic-vision-scaling-eosio-platform-part-1/

EOSIO™ Alpha Release: History Tools, Making  Blockchain Data Accessible

Block.One recently shared the first alpha release of the newest EOSIO History Tools. This is a series of tools designed to make data more accessible for EOSIO based blockchains by using the State History Plugin and a new query engine. 

“In order to deliver seamless user experiences for more complex applications that maintain the integrity of blockchain data, developers need robust access to deterministic databases that can be queried like their non-blockchain counterparts.” 

Read more: https://eos.io/news/eosio-alpha-release-history-tools/

TokenPocket | The Decentralized Identity Complement Project Has Launched

TokenPocket recently announced their newest project, the Decentralized Identity Complement Project, or DICP. DICP is a contract to store users’ basic EOS account profile, which allows the user to edit the profile of an account such as avatar, nickname, description and contact information.

In order to let more users complete the information, DICP refers to some FOMO games’ rules:

 – Anyone can edit information for an account, the initial price is 0.1 EOS

 – The price of each secondary modification is 1.5 times of the previous one

 – When an account is edited by the account owner, no one else can modify the information of the account

Read more: https://medium.com/@tokenpocket.gm/tokenpocket-the-decentralized-identity-complement-project-has-launched-9da559b728e4

LiquidApps’ Air-HODL Model for Vesting Token Drops Can Encourage Users to Engage and Connect

The LiquidApps team released an article on Medium discussing how their new airdrop model, the Air-HODL, can encourage users to engage and connect and build a community. 

“The LiquidApps’ Air-HODL, an industry-first, was designed to prioritize long-term DAPP Network stakeholders — dApp developers, DSPs, and users — over those who are more focused on the short term gain.”

In the article, they highlighted some examples uses of the Air-HODL model in a range of different domains: 

 – Self-sustaining networks

 – Multiplayer games

 – Cooperative communities

Read more: https://medium.com/@liquidapps/airhodl-community-building-token-airdrop-for-eos-dapps-7ef157efbb19

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