Daniel Larimer, the creator of the EOS.IO software and one of the greatest minds in the blockchain space, has recently reached to Twitter to talk about free market competition.


The CTO of Block.one has always been a big supporter of Austrian economics and free-market competition, this makes for a great part of his life mission to bring life, liberty, and property to the world. All the work he’s done has been with this purpose in mind.

Daniel started by creating BitShares and then Steem. Now, as “the man” behind EOS, he is going further with his vision of a free and better world.

EOS is a platform for people who want to transact voluntarily without the interference of any third party. As soon as another third party is involved in the exchange the freedom ends. People offsetting their responsibility to third parties give them power and create favorable conditions to create monopolies.

We’ve seen the rise of big corporations and now we have just 10 companies controlling food and beverage in the world, but this is not all because as the study conducted by a team of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland shows, there is a “super-entity” of just 147 very tightly knit mega-corporations that controls 40 percent of the entire global economy. The top 20 include mostly banks with Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group on top. Through the network of unelected, unaccountable organizations they control the finances of almost every nation such is their power. This power centralizes in what is called the World Bank, Federal Reserve, and the IMF as they are the ones who create the money and have complete control over them.

Economic theory about market competition suggests that, on seeing the huge profits being made, other producers enter the market and produce a product, but government regulations effectively stop the competition, favor existing monopolies and impoverish the society as a whole.

While the general rhetoric about free markets being beneficial to individuals is gaining more publicity, the consolidation of central powers is growing. This is visible with the rise of companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook who control the market they operate in and who are favored in a special way by different countries they operate in.

“what if corporate entities are not free market, but artificial socialist creations of the state that privatize the profit and socialize the liability. What if free market gets blamed for the obvious flaws caused by socialist corporates entities with government protection?

“Apple. Facebook. Tesla. Walmart. Amazon. Oil companies. Microsoft. and Pretty much everything but general partnerships shield owners and operators from liability.”

“Those who make peaceful coexistence impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Let’s live and let live and stop assuming our views are right and cannot possibly be wrong. Control freaks will end up killing us all.”

Daniel Larimer has also been tweeting about vaccines. People who know him are well aware of his aversion versus government imposed vaccinations. In his mind, pretty much anything that is forced on people is violence. The hard thing with vaccines is that there have been extensive studies and reports of them being harmful, but few pharmaceutical companies who control the drug industry can effectively influence both the research, the market, and the lawmakers.

“Being #prochoice and supporting mandatory #vaccinations is the height of hypocrisy. My body. My kids. My choice.”

“I don’t assume anything. Forced vax assumes no harm despite ample evidence that more people are harmed by vax than catch the virus. If you must use force over reason then you have lost the debate and moral high ground.”

“What if we simply hold those who catch a deasease liable for involuntary manslaughter if it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that they were the source of the infection that harmed another. Forced vax presumes guilt rather than innocence and is assault.”

“Political processes gave us #trump and #obama. Do we really want these same processes forcing medical decisions on us?”

“Forced vaccination depends on the assumed right to forcefully inject high velocity led into those you disagree with.”

A retweet of one user who stated that he wants to “develop the world’s last decentralized healthcare marketplace that puts the consumer first, doctor second, institution and government in the can” is significant and shows that solutions exist if we only start looking and working on them.

People and their national governments have created this neo-feudalist system in which they have been enslaved to debt and the worst thing is that most don’t even realize it as the global elite controls also the media and the Internet.

If someone still thinks that this has little to do with EOS, he is mistaken because EOS reverts the powers by giving it to the individuals.

If people choose to hold and value it, it will become stronger than the fiat currencies created by the banks.

And, as Brendan Blumer stated it:

EOS doesn’t offer free cars; it offers a better foundation to run society”.

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