Originally published by the MORTY$ team

We all love MORTY$! From the moment it was created there was something truly unique, fun and addictive about it.

At Sense.Chat we believe tokens make communities more fun, creative and allows each member to add more value to the conversation. That’s why I’m excited to announce that the official #mortys channel is now live on Sense.Chat and we’re bribing you 500k MORTY$ to join it.

With the new season of Rick & Morty coming out, we want a place where we can debate fan theories, chat about episodes, bribe MORTY$ and pump SENSE. C’mon, join the channel. Don’t be a Jerry.

Steps To Get Your MORTY$:

  1. Share this article on Twitter and tag @SenseChat @MortyTokens with #MORTYSMakesSENSE.
  2. Join Sense.Chat by following the steps to import your Lynx Wallet in this 20-second video.
  3. Then join the MORTY$ channel, introduce yourself with your favorite Rick & Morty quote and the link to your tweet to receive your MORTY$ reward.

After your corruption, feel free to bribe someone else in the channel with MORTY$! You can also pump SENSE by double-tapping any message.

Sense.Chat is a new, fun, and secure way to chat, earn, and share. Build and manage your token community with a super private messenger.

MORTY$ is an intergalactic, parallel universe compatible cryptocurrency meant for virtual world (in-game) bribes, shielding rick-like beings, virtualized hijinx and various other stupid shit.

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