Written by Stephanie Tramicheck

San Francisco, Calif. April 18, 2019 – EOS World Expo came to San Francisco on the weekend of April 13 as part of its worldwide tour to bring together the EOS community and provide a platform for developers to showcase their applications and help EOS members network with their peers.

In the past year, EOSIO has paved the way for its future as a leading blockchain platform, with more than 160 dApps and an ever-growing community of creators and supporters.

The conference brought in more than 400 attendees, 10 sponsors, over 20 partners and more than 40 developers of EOSIO applications to show-case in-development dApps on the platform, help peers engage in business networking and to discuss important and progressive topics within the EOS ecosystem.

One highlight of the presentations hosted at EOS World Expo was an artist, sculptor, and geometrician Frank Chester’s discussion of geometry and how art can lead science. Chester is the creator of the Chestahedron, which is the shape EOSIO has adopted as its logo. During his talk, Chester spoke publicly for the first time in details about how he discovered the Chestahedron shape as well as its significance.

EOS World Expo also hosted a pitch competition where more than 35 companies presented their products and ideas to local investors.

The event demonstrated the strength of EOS’s following, exemplified their culture of openness and willingness to champion blockchain adoption, and embodied their efforts to build upon the ever-growing community. EOS has a close-knit community of enthusiastic members who are equally supportive of newcomers as they are to EOS veterans.

“It was amazing to see the free-flow of knowledge in a decentralized community,” One of EOS World Expo’s conference organizers said. “We crowdsourced intelligence and ideas. We didn’t just look to one thought leader or speaker like you see in a standard conference format. This speaks to the power of the EOS community.”

The San Francisco event was the first of multiple planned EOS World Tour conferences. Future event dates and locations will be announced at a later date.


Stephanie Tramicheck


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