Daniel Larimer has been “leaving hints messages that are only obvious in hindsight” and, as time passes by, we are beginning to form a clearer picture as to what the big announcements coming on June the 1st could be.

There have been many hypotheses hinting at an official release of the long-awaited Block.one wallet and a social media platform which could be called MEOS, but there has also been some talk regarding voting, UBI, and Trump and it now seems that the June announcement will be more than everyone expected.

We just learned that the “code for Apple wallet will be open sourced” and released before June while the CTO of Block.one admitted that “it’s obviously not a secret that we are reimagining Steem”. UBI instead is still an unknown and Daniel’s previous hints using emojis could be about a UBI coming at the big Block.one event.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one has written on Twitter:

“UBI will be the result of the American people taking back the money the government has shown they can’t manage properly; no more taxes needed, just more tax dollars reaching the people.”

“Tax proceeds in the USA, needs aligned and efficient spending. Wealth redistribution is important, but it’s not actually happening… today taxes are mostly wasted on private interests and bureaucracy. UBI is 100% aligned and has 0% waste.”

“If the USA ended mass incarceration, private profitable prisons, excessive regulation, and global warfare tactics, America could offer @AndrewYangVFA ‘s UBI and lower taxes simultaneously

UBI funded by more taxes doesn’t eliminate waste; it just moves us towards socialism”

And Larimer posted on Twitter today:

“Modern monetary theory wouldn’t be so bad if we could pass a constitutional amendment limiting government spending to 5% of the money supply per year and forbidding government debt and eliminate all taxes.”

Previously, Daniel said on Telegram:

“Trump’s advisors know about Block.one. Everyone in DC wants to talk with us”

Also, Brendan Blumer was quite active on Twitter speaking about blockchain and government. Considering that Follow My Vote Inc filed a patent whose author is Daniel Larimer and which is for an end to end verifiable blockchain based voting, it seems now that all the pieces of the puzzle may be falling into place.

The application was filed on October 10th, 2016 and the status is still pending, but assuming that this voting system is to be used during the next USA presidential elections in 2020, they’re still several months for it to get accepted.

Daniel Larimer was always a big supporter of Ron Paul, who’s former Congressman from Texas and a lifetime advocate for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.

Yesterday, Daniel retweeted one of Ron Paul’s posts and later he wrote:

“What would happen if a presidential candidate airdrop a token on all unique citizens and campaigned on making it the new national currency?“

It’s unclear if Paul is the presidential candidate Larimer is talking about or if he’s talking about any one of the candidates, but the idea of bringing blockchain technology into the voting is appealing.

Follow My Vote fetches secure online voting solution which will bring greater election transparency. Traditional voting systems prove to be flawed. The last presidential elections in the USA were plagued with allegations of fraud, vote rigging, repression of voter’s rights, and hacking, but a compromised voting system is not the only thing to be under the attack as problems like politicization of media regulation, lack of media diversity and vote buying in Italy, voter intimidation or major falls in the quality of  the electoral laws, electoral procedures, party registration, and electoral authorities in Venezuela are just a few examples of how flawed the voting system can be.

Electoralintegrityproject.com provides extensive reports regarding the voting in different countries.

On January 23, the Italian Senate has approved a bill establishing that records stored on the blockchain will be considered a legal validation of documents at the time of registration. Cointelegraph has reported in February that Maria Laura Mantovani of Movimento 5 Stelle party, said that a favorable use case for blockchain is the application of online voting, but that there are no projects in place to implement such systems.

It turns out that there is a project which can implement exactly this and has been experimented with for years now.

EOS.IO software that implements Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm of consensus has been running since last June, but DPOS first implementation was in the BitShares blockchain. DPOS leverages the power of stakeholder approval voting, to resolve consensus issues in a manner which is democratic, transparent and fair.

Trump’s advisors’ interest in Block.one’s product may be an indication that it could be the ultimate solution to be introduced in the next presidential elections.

The ability to audit the ballot box, watch elections progress in real time, reduce drastically the costs of election, mathematically prove that the results of the election are accurate are main advantages for using blockchain for voting and, as it stands now, EOS.IO seems to be the best choice as it has been experimented with in real life and proved to work.

Someone asked today if EOS blockchain could be used in the next presidential election and Daniel Larimer replied:

“I hope at least a parallel election is carried out on eosio”.

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