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Several prominent EOS-based projects recently announced that they will be joining the DAPP Network. Dapp Network is a platform run by LiquidApps, a project promoting mass scale adoption of EOS dApps by means of certain technical solutions aimed at making development on EOS blockchain a lot more affordable.

RAM vs. vRAM

EOS RAM is a storage resource that is required to store data on the EOS blockchain. It is not free and has to be purchased by the dApps to run their applications. As per EOS Resource Planner:

You get a set number of bytes of storage based on the current RAM market price. The price automatically adjusts up and down with buying and selling action. When you release storage you can sell RAM back to recover EOS at the current ram market price.

RAM resources are notorious for their unstable supply/demand curve with periodic spikes in price caused by various events. Last price jump, for example, was associated with Block.one purchasing 3.3M EOS worth of RAM ahead of its Voice app launch announcement. You can see this price spike in the month of May on the graph below:

Source: https://eosweb.net/ram

Now that we know what RAM is, let’s figure out what vRAM is. It is in fact the main service offered by LiquidApps which is

an alternative storage solution for developers building EOS dApps that is RAM-compatible, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently.

In other words vRAM offers a synthetic solution to RAM that the developers can use when building and operating their dApps. The main differentiation between RAM and vRAM is a lack of limitations of the latter, which makes its price infinitely lower and cost of operating the dApp a lot more manageable. As a result it is expected that memory-heavy dApps would be main beneficiaries of using the LiquidApps DAPP Network to run their products.

LiquidApps released the following video that does a great job explaining their offering:

dApps Moving to DAPP Network

Several major EOS projects recently announced their plans to move to the LiquidApps platform. Here are some of them:

Sense.Chat that runs a private chat app has announced its plans to use DAPP Network services. As a messenger that stores every single message on the blockchain it heavily utilizes the network storage capacity.

Effect.AI which describes itself as an open, democratic & decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence has confirmed their transition to DAPP Network in a tweet:

AirdropsDAC, positions itself as the authority in airdrops, offering the most options for innovative airdrops, legal-friendly tokens, community engagement tools and marketing to ensure the project’s users are ready and engaged to adopt the dapp. It has confirmed transition to LiquidApps.

Another dApp that transitions to using vRAM is Karma. Karma is social media platform for doing good deeds and getting rewarded as a result.

PredIQt a decentralized prediction market and an alternative to Augur that will soon be launched by the Everipedia team. This project, too, will be utilizing DAPP Network.

Ore.id, a universal authentication & authorization platform for blockchain, also recently announced that it will soon begin using vRAM services.

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