This article was written on March 6th.

EOS Writer is a project built by members of the EOS community for the EOS community.

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Our aim here at EOS Writer is to create a website for the EOS community which serves as a central hub for the highest quality EOS content.

We saw the need for a curated website which showcases only the best of what EOS has to offer. This coupled with original co-n-tent covering the most interesting projects and events in the EOS ecosystem.

EOSwriter aims to ease the barrier of entry for people new to the EOS community while also catering for everyday experienced EOS users.

Our Team

Our team has been growing exponentially since launch. EOS community members from around the world have come forward to take part in our project. Learn more about our team here.

The Future

We envision EOSwriterbecoming the go to source for quality EOS content.

We are planning to increase the amount of original content in both written and video format as our team grows.

We have also just started our own YouTube channel! MaxDapp will be creating weekly news videos and exclusive interviews so make sure to subscribe!

Whether you are looking for up to date news, in depth educational articles or the latest video content EOSwriter has you covered.

We look forward to the evolution of EOSwriter and we hope you will join us for the journey!


And as Rob Finch would say GO EOS! was born on the 15th of November, 2018.