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It’s time to bring everyone in the EOS community together.
Along with EOS community members, we have created a single place for all EOS EVENTS including conferences, webinars, online events and youtube live streams. This will help the EOS community to grow faster and stay connected with all the upcoming online / offline worldwide EOS events.

Many were unaware of all the EOS events, training and webinars happening all over the world. In the last year, there were EOS events in Thailand, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Norway just to name a few.

Please see https://EosAuthority.com/events for upcoming events and to add new EOS events (anyone can add a new events).

EOS EVENTS group :

Please join and share this group with the whole EOS community.
All new events will be automatically posted by our Eos Events BOT to this group and the bot will automatically post reminders close to the event start time.

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