Originally posted by Fred Krueger

Today we launched our new desktop wallet and app store! Click the link to download and play with it (You will need an EOS account for now which you can import form Lynx IOS or Android — but we promise you: it’s worth it.

So why desktop? We already have the leading crypto wallet for EOS on mobile, but we felt that there was significant opportunities to innovate on desktop. With much more real estate, no constraints from either Apple or Google, we felt that we could really showcase the power of the EOSIO platform best on desktop.

We’ve curated the apps in our “app store” to bring you the best in each category. Everything opens up inline, and the pure wallet UX is super intuitive. A lot of stuff is still coming in the next few weeks, but this release should really give you a sense of how we see the crypro dapp world.

Highlights of this release:
– much better UX overall than any desktop or browser client
– better token management
– everipedia integration
– newdex integration
– gambling app integration with whitelisting

Enjoy a seamless crypto experience with the new Lynx Desktop beta!

Download link: https://lynxwallet.io/

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