Newdex, one of top EOS DEXs, celebrates its one year anniversary on August 8.

Newdex started as EOS-only single chain exchange. But looks like it is working hard to expand its offering beyond EOSIO and into other blochchains starting from TRON coming up in August, 2019.

Established on August 8, 2018, Newdex has opened trading for EOS main chain, as well as EOS sidechains such as BOS, ENU, TELOS, and FIBOS, becoming the first EOS based Exchange.

Starting from TRON on August, 2019, Newdex will deploy decentralized trading platforms with multi-chain and cross-chain actively.Create a new era of decentralized trading for digital economy users.

It has recently published this post giving a preview to its multichain solution.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Newdex is running several contests where it will give out valuable prizes in EOS or NDX tokens. For example, in this one you can win up to 189K NDX tokens by writing an essay about Newdex.

In this Treasure Hunt Newdex team will be giving out private keys to wallets with significant prize money stored in them:

To celebrate the first anniversary of Newdex, Newdex will release a treasure map at regular intervals. Each private key treasure map contains a row of private keys, 24 treasure maps in total. 2-50 EOS is randomly stored in each private key treasure map. Users can get the correct private key according to the picture fragments. First come first served while private key treasure maps last. 

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