Bringing Approachable Blockchain Access to Mainstream Businesses

WORBLI is excited to announce a strategic partnership with where an easy-to-use gamification and rewards engine allows everyday businesses to dip their toes into blockchain. was founded by Dimitri Nikolaros and Jan Bui from inlineFX Software as a way for companies to get a taste of the benefits of distributed ledger technology. Using the WORBLI blockchain as a transparent and accessible record, businesses can create challenges, tasks and rewards while tracking each user’s progress. This gamification engagement incentivizes users which help to drive revenue and sales for the business. Bountyblok expects their gamification service to act as a great initial introduction to blockchains for businesses who may be curious, but are not quite sure how distributed ledger technology fits into their business model.

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of gamification to increase motivation and participation of their employees and customers. Employees can develop problem-solving skills faster through the gamification of in-house training. Customers can be inspired or incentivized to “get involved and spread the word”. The mechanisms for influence, employee success, product innovation, wellness and more are all found within gamification. has placed that mechanism on a blockchain network, which makes the user’s personal information safer and within their control.

WORBLI shares’s vision for widespread blockchain adoption with simple solutions for everyday enterprises that are practical, approachable, and user-friendly. initially deployed on EOS Mainnet and was able to make a smooth transition to WORBLI’s network within a few days, without any need to alter their codebase. Built on EOSIO Software WORBLI has intentionally kept its codebase in sync with the core EOSIO software to ensure optimal network compatibility with all EOSIO based chains. was the first client to transition to the WORBLI Mainnet using’s gamification system in their live trading competitions and investment educational resources.

WORBLI will work with to use AML/KYC compliant architecture to institute new features for applications and businesses requiring compliant payment processing and monetized reward systems.

Businesses will be able to trial risk-free while sampling some of the potential use cases the technology can use to engage and recruit their audience.

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