EOSreel is about to release its first betting game, Crush 8. It’s a simple multiplier betting game with only 1% house edge!!

And its been a long time coming! To the delight of EOSreel fans Jin came onto the EOSreel TG today to announce a release date along with some other news on UX improvements.


Jin also mentioned – “0.5% of total revenue generated from Crush 8 will go for Div, another 0.5% will go for Jackpot, and other 0.5% will go for House!”

EOSreel has been on fire lately delivering some nice returns for its holders with a 7 day ROI of 0.23% https://cryptodividend.io/

Offical EOSreel links below.

Website : https://eosreel.io
Medium : https://medium.com/eosreel
Telegram : https://t.me/EOSreel
Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/EOSreel_EN

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