With the recent concerns surrounding EOS governance and the lack of price growth many in the community have decided to point the blame at Block.one and Brendan Blumer in particular. Brendan was quick to respond on the offical EOS telegram channel to set the record straight and assure the community that Block.one is working hard to deliver the best possible outcome for all involved in the EOS community.

This was originally posted by Brendan Blumer in the official EOS telegram group

Hey everyone, I know frustrating days like today can isolate the negatives, but we’re as optimistic as ever at Block.one.

Instead of beating around the bush, it’s fair to say we have to be very careful in the things we say and do 24/7, and sometimes things that seem simple for us to get ahead of, require a more careful and less obvious approach.

There have been several major development with EOS, Voice, and other unannounced initiatives which we’re excited to bring to the community, and are nearing that stage of the pipeline. I’m confident as more of our macro interconnected plans for general adoption and progression become easier to see, many doubts will be replaced by feelings of “aha” and general excitement, and the notion that EOS isn’t of the highest importance to us will be a mischaracterisation of the past.

EOS governance is tricky and is not something we’ve chosen to ignore, but have been waiting for the right time to get involved, and in a way that upholds and furthers aligns and decentralises the community.

I know waiting sucks, and our community has been patient as we bring Voice to beta, but coordinating a global launch at the corners of cryptocurrency and social media is truly as involved and complex as it gets amidst the global landscape for both industries today. That said we’re plowing through despite dealing with new considerations daily.

The audit is not something that has gone away by any stretch, and is actively being pushed forward as we speak. Only recently have we been able to find law firms and credible audit partners wiling discuss engagement with us to potentially undertake such initiatives (despite our best efforts on a near constant basis for the last year). What I can tell you all, is that if Block.one had engaged in activities like “recycling” we would have never been able to attract the great leadership team we have today, or have passed the DD required to bring on world class investors like Peter Thiel, Louis Bacon, Alan Howard, Christian Angermayer, Mike Novogratz, and more.

Time and technology is on our side and there’s nothing we prioritise more than our community – my goal is to ensure that any doubts around that topic will not persist much longer.

Let’s stay positive, stay productive, and stay strong 💪


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