Shill Token : DAPP

What if I told you.. There is a token out there that unlocks the true power of EVERYTHING? A token made of sheer omnipotence that turns rags to riches? Introducing DAPP. What does it do? It’s easier to list what it doesn’t do: Suck. End of list. Read on.

@LiquidAppsIO will scale EOS, ETH, BTC and whatever comes after to infinity and then IBC between those. Plasma? Lightning? Get the fuck outa here with that bush league bullshit. Unlike the aforementioned crap, LiquidApps delivers and it does so while showering you with dividends.

Are you a simple peasant, and you think dapps are safe or decentralized? You are hella wrong. Front-ends and servers are centralized and hackable. This sexy beast brings you serverless, unhackable dapps with end to end decentralization while bringing resource cost down 99.9%. BAM

The CEO @BeniHakak is a badass stud that was in the elite intelligence unit of the IDF, helped build up a dozen blockchain projects including bancor and is better than you at everything. And then they have Tal Muskal. Universally accepted as being the world’s best programmer…

Rumor has it that Dan Larimer has only one thing on his vision board. A massive picture of @tmuskal. He built Deep Junior, the first machine-learning based chess computer and it kicked IBM Deep Blue’s ass. That’s only one of the hundred equivalent things he has achieved. Much wow

While your favorite dapp is afraid to spend money because they plan to exit scam the shit out of you, these ballers are splashing the cash and throwing a global hackathon soon. Just look at that video. I can feel the success being injected in my eyes.

I barely scratched the surface of the potential of this thing. Some of the other stuff going on is LiquidStorage, a decentralized cloud/dropbox and LiquidOracle. What’s an oracle? I don’t fucking know either, but I’m told it’s a big deal. Conclusion: DAPP = Much MOON!

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