PixEOS, an EOS digital art and gaming powerhouse, announced that they entered into a partnership agreement with Chintai, a global decentralized high-performance leasing platform. The two EOS entities will collaborate on developing a leasing platform for digital art.

In the past, we already talked about how excited we are about pixEOS roadmap and, in particular, its work on the NFT (non-fungible token) standard called dGoods.

This is important enough that I will quote it directly from the roadmap:

In Q2 2019 pixEOS will launch its own non-fungible token (NFT) curated Art Gallery where people can view, buy, sell, and collect artworks both digital and physical. Digital artists will be able to create or submit their art and back it with pixEOS NFTs. On its launch, The Main Gallery will be comprised of works created by Featured Artists on the pixEOS platform….

…Ultimately, the galleries will allow the publication of physical artworks that are backed by a blockchain certificate of authenticity, a dGoods art NFT, and can be sold for pixEOS and/or EOS. Stakers will benefit from the platform proceeds from the art NFTs sales.

Just imagine owning a piece of digital art backed by an NFT and what possibilities it opens? To me, this whole concept is revolutionary and unique that it is comparable to getting an early chance of owning a Mona Lisa or a piece by Jean-Michel Basquiat

‘Untitled’ by Jean-Michel Basquiat

And some of the artists featured on pixEOS platform are truly talented. You can see some examples on the project’s printable goods page:

BTW you can purchase some of this art printed on various pieces of clothing today on their threadless page.

Artwork by Stellabelle

Now if you become one of the first digital art collectors or investors, with the help of the trading platform that pixEOS and Chintai are working on, you will be able to trade or lend your art pieces out for various purposes and occasions.

Just imagine that you can buy a collection of amazing art from the pixEOS platform with your pixEOS tokens, open up a virtual museum on the High Fidelity platform and run a virtual reality exhibit. Let it be the first NFT museum in the world based on a VR platform. This sounds outta-this-worldly! Move over, Prado and Louvre!

Or who knows maybe top museums in the world will eventually catch up with the modern trend and run an exhibit of digital art within their walls. Who knows, maybe you, as a digital art collector, will lend your Yusaymon piece to the New York Metropolitan Museum or the National Museum of China.

Artwork by Yusaymon

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