We are almost ready for launch ladies and gentlemen, all current top 30 BP’s have committed to the September 23rd of EOSIO v1.8 on the EOS public network.

Current status of EOSIO 1.8 upgrade courtesy of EOS Nation.

This is the largest upgrade to the EOS public network since launch, and the first to require a hard fork. It requires coordination and collaboration between node operators and dApp developers across the globe, which is no easy feat!

Why is EOSIO 1.8 so important?

The main benefit to EOSIO 1.8 is the ability for dApps to pay for users CPU costs. This is a huge deal as it will remove a lot of the friction new users experience when using an EOS dApp for the first time, it’s also essential for Block.one’s upcoming social media platform Voice.

Dan Larimer presenting Voice at the b1June event.

Follow The Progress

Both EOS Nation and EOS Authority have some great tools to track the progress of the launch, EOS Authority’s is especially good as it shows a nice list of features, who they benefit and some FAQ’s concerning the upgrade. You should be voting for both of these BPs if you value the EOS Public Network.



More detail on the 1.8 upgrade from the offical EOS.IO website.

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