What makes a great Block Explorer?

Many have tried and most have failed, over time it seems that bloks.io created by EOS Cafe Block and HK EOS has become the default EOS block explorer for the majority of EOS users. It’s interesting to watch the habits of users over time and try to understand why we gravitate to certain products over others.

Bloks.io user interface

What does Bloks.io have which others don’t?

Great UI/UX, everything on bloks is readily available, clearly displayed and easy to use, features and stats have been carefully thought out so that the most frequently accessed information is always close at hand, within a couple of clicks or a short scroll. They’ve also been at the forefront of innovations when it comes to block explorers, continuously introducing new features and improving user experience.

And they just released an incredible user guide to all things Bloks.io.


The user guides include –

  • Transferring tokens
  • How to Airgrab
  • Staking CPU/NET
  • Buy and Selling RAM
  • Creating EOS Accounts
  • Changing Keys / Permissions
  • Multi-sig
  • Creating a Proxy
  • Generating Keys
  • and REX

But just when you thought Bloks had the block explorer market sown up, along comes EOS Authority with a super impressive block explorer of their own.

EOS Authority User Interface

Since the launch of the EOS public network EOS Authority has been continuously developing tools such as voting analytics, telegram & email alerts system, REX, developer tools and plugins, and now after over a year of development, all their tools including a wallet are integrated with a beautiful design and excellent user experience.

You can read a detailed breakdown of the new EOS Authority Block Explorer here.

So who will win the battle of the EOS block explorers? Will the visually pleasing feature packed experience of EOS Authority trump the already familiar and extremely easy to use Bloks.io? Whoever ends up becoming the default EOS block explorer one thing is clear… the true winners are EOS users!

We encourage everyone reading this article to vote for EOS Cafe Block, HK EOS and EOS Authority as they continue to contribute so much to the EOS ecosystem.

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