EOS Authority have just released their brand new EOS Block Explorer and we thought it would be a good idea to dive a little deeper into what makes it tick, below are some of its many features.

Search for Ethereum address to see genesis token status.

Search for example: 0x0002cc0c159f3c2b1ace69b2bd31a9c3b48001ce

Show the number of real-time EOS wallets & voters including 30 day changes.

Live CPU usage of the mainnet including CPU benchmarks for BPs.

Easy user interface to switch between different EOSIO chains including testnets.

Chain alerts including BP rank changes and missed blocks, users can check the real-time health of the network.

Trading alerts on block explorer and telegram.

@EOSalert – https://t.me/EOSalert

EOS Trading Alert will display alerts for –

  • Large amounts of EOS unstaking.
  • Large EOS transfers to exchanges.   
  • Periodic EOS price updates from popular exchanges.

Unlike all other explorers that only provide live BP ranking, EOS Authority’s explorer also has a voting analyser.

By clicking on the vote change, users can see exactly how many votes were added and removed and by whom. All the voting statistics are updated in realtime for easy analysis.

View top RAM holders and trade buy/sell RAM on the EOS Authority web wallet.

An EOS MARKETCAP is also available.

Check live EOSIO token statistics

  • Token Price
  • Markets ( Exchanges)
  • Market Cap
  • Token Holders
  • 24 hour volume
  • 24 hour token price change
  • Circulating Supply
  • Price Historical data
  • Transfers
  • Comments


Realtime EOS Name bids & auction information.

Users can setup realtime telegram notifications to alert of new bids for a bid name. The history of all name bids is also shown to give users information to create a strategy on bidding.

Solution for unregistered token holders (19,587 holders) and token holders that have lost their EOS private key.

The EOS Authority alert service (telegram & email)

Keep your EOS accounts safe with an account alert service. Setup free real-time telegram & email EOS account alerts.

Detailed Proxy Information

Proxy information includes proxy philosophy, biography, voting history and information on how selected proxies have voted on polls and referendums. The explorer covers proxies on all EOSIO chains including Worbli, Telos, WAX among others.

Example: https://eosauthority.com/proxy_details?proxy=colintcrypto

EOS Authority EOSIO Web Wallet.

The functions on EOS Authority’s wallet allow users to add multiple accounts on multiple EOSIO chains. All account information is stored on your browser with 100% privacy and they are not sent to our servers.

Entering an account name automatically scans all accounts on all EOSIO chains. Users can easily change accounts on a dropdown and perform actions like send tokens, vote, trade and all related actions easily.

Many users are not aware that they have been airdropped tokens on the EOS mainnet and on different chains (like BOS, Telos, WAX, MeetOne and so on). By adding their EOS account the wallet will automatically scan and detect all the accounts in other chains including the airdrops. All these tokens are displayed on a dashboard, with a simple click users will be able to check token value and trade them on different exchanges.

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