Team at pixEOS just announced their updated public roadmap and it packs some serious heat

If you ever thought that pixEOS is just a digital canvas project like PixelMaster was, hopefully your opinion will be changed forever with this newly updated roadmap release. We already wrote that the pixEOS project is much more than just a canvas. But you can now see for yourself by reading through the new roadmap. Even if you are not a big reader, do your eyes a visual favor and peruse through its pages as the booklet in and of itself looks like a work of art! You can find it here.

pixEOS new roadmap booklet

pixEOS new roadmap booklet

So what is all the fuss about? There is a bunch of new information on the already existing features, as well as announcement of some additional features. Let’s review them all:

Paint dApp (aka Canvas) Additional Features:

These are the additional features that the team is considering adding to the currently run canvas:

  • in-canvas/leaderboard/24-hour competitions
  • a VIP system
  • lucky pixels
  • surprise events
  • personal canvas integration
  • different canvas sizes
  • painting with pixEOS tokens

Some of these conepts (like lucky pixel, VIP system and competitions) seem to have been borrowed from the gambling dApps world and are aimed and were proven successful in increasing user engagement. Others such as painting with pixEOS tokens was a long-standing request from the community.

pixEOS Shop

PixEOS recently announced partnership with Threadless – an online on demand print shop. One can purchase products created with digital designs developed by the pixEOS community artists there already. So far you can only pay with fiat, but plans are in place to accept payments in EOS and pixEOS, which will be amazing!

I personally already ordered a tshirt with a unique pixEOS design and can’t wait to receive it!

PixEOS Hub – late Q1/early Q2, 2019

PixEOS Hub will serve as a bridge between between various building blocks of the pixEOS ecosystem. The team promised to make the hub visually captivating so that visiting the platform will be an unforgettable experience. Seeing all the designs coming out of this community this feels like a no-brainer to me!

NFT Art Gallery (dGoods Integration) – Q2, 2019

This is important enough that I will quote it directly from the roadmap:

In Q2 2019 pixEOS will launch its own non-fungible token (NFT) curated Art Gallery where people can view, buy, sell, and collect artworks both digital and physical. Digital artists will be able to create or submit their art and back it with pixEOS NFTs. On its launch, The Main Gallery will be comprised of works created by Featured Artists on the pixEOS platform….

…Ultimately, the galleries will allow the publication of physical artworks that are backed by a blockchain certificate of authenticity, a dGoods art NFT, and can be sold for pixEOS and/or EOS. Stakers will benefit from the platform proceeds from the art NFTs sales.

Just imagine owning a piece of digital art backed by an NFT and what possibilities it opens? To me this is whole concept is so new and unique that it is comparable to getting an early chance of owning a Mona Lisa or a piece by Jean-Michel Basquiat

'Untitled' by Jean-Michel Basquiat

‘Untitled’ by Jean-Michel Basquiat

I want someone to buy a collection of amazing art from the pixEOS platform, open up a virtual museum on the High Fidelity platform and run a virtual reality exhibit. Let it be the first NFT museum in the world based on a VR platform. This sounds outta-this-worldly! Move over, Prado and Louvre!

Personal and Public Auction Houses – Q3, 2019

Here is a place where you will be able to purchase an NFT token for one of the Paint Canvases discussed above, as well as other art created by verified artists in the form of personal listings.

Token Listing – Q2, 2019

Team plans to list a pixEOS token on the partner exchanges. This is also something that the community has long requested.

Game Center

Sounds like the team has plans to develop some art games:

pixEOS Paint is just the first of many games that will be developed by the pixEOS team. In the future we look forward to producing more games, either independently, or in partnership with other crypto projects. By Q3 2019, the pixEOS Game Center will be the nerve center where you will find all the pixEOS games, whether they are web-based or downloadable dApps.

Art House

PixEOS platform will eventually serve as a marketplace to hire artists/designers or to sell your art skills on a freelance basis. This will be the place where you can hire an amazing artist to create your project’s banners, gifs, logos and wallpaper.

Featured image by Joe Chiappetta

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