Last week we published a post about a tweet made by Brendan Blumer, CEO of where he hinted at his company beginning to participate in proxy voting:

In the article we said that the community response on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive. However, one drawback of gathering feedback this way is the fact that it is a very biased representation of the community’s sentiment. This is because for various reasons a vast majority of the Asian EOS supporters does not participate or follow Twitter threads. Twitter is banned in China, and as a result, those users who still access Twitter accounts via VPN, are a minority or don’t follow it closely.

In a continuous effort to bridge this gap between East and West EOS supporters, we reached out to some of our Asian partners and friends. We wanted to find out their opinion about Brendan’s comments. Here are a few commentaries that we received:

From Moran:

Chinese community feels that the Chinese EOS supporters are working harder and are ready to provide multi-language support on products and articles. In a global community like EOS, participants need to have a global strategy and be open minded.

Look at Meet.One, TokenPocket, BigOne, Newdex and SlowMist. Their Korean and English content may not be perfectly fluent, but it exists. They allocate budget and resources for overseas expansion.

When the time comes for to vote their minority stake, they will likely vote for very good reasons and not trying to get 23rd back into top 21. They will likely vote for Chinese BPs that are making material contributions to the EOS ecosystem.

Westerners, who hope that votes will be a game changer, will be disappointed.

Game changing is voting as a majority stake, not as a minority stake. isn’t voting yet because they are likely waiting for their stake to be even less influential.

Instead of hoping EOS stake will help them out, Western BPs should focus on how to make it by themselves and not hoping for a miracle cure, which is not coming.

Many Chinese teams in the EOS ecosystem are burning through cash reserves and are not exactly having the best times. But they understand the potential of EOS and have made multi-year plans to play this infinite game of coopertition.

EOS is evolving so fast that a 3~7 person team making million dollar a year in EOS reward is almost no longer possible. EOS is not in the little league anymore. We might see Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Apple becoming EOS BPs in the future, and even governments of super power nations.

We are so far away from the bottom. EOS is racing to the top!


We believe EOS ecosystem has developed a strong anti-fragile capability throughout the course of its history. Although some in the blockchain community feel there are “problems” with the governance of EOS, we see no sign of a slowdown in the development of EOS community, and there are even more people still believe in the future of EOSIO. What doesn’t kill EOS will only make EOS stronger. The worst that can happen to EOS on the marketing front is “no news.”

Newdex: has 100M EOS and they have the right to exercise voting rights. However, once they start voting, the degree of centralization of the nodes will be further enhanced. In the long run, this is unfavorable for the development of the EOS ecosystem. this is a behavior contrary to the belief of decentralization.

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