The birth of the blockchain brought with itself a breeze of fresh air to a world dominated by a handful of big companies and controlled by a few actors. The idea of decentralized governance, inclusive, transparent, and inherently aligned with stakeholder interests is the reason why this technology gained so much traction in the recent years and why it is regarded by the big media as a game changer. But for a change to occur there must be something more than just decentralization and transparency. A bigger change is needed and EOS block producers need to lead the way.

Perhaps for the first time in the history of mankind, the people believe that the old constructs which feature centralized entities as the main source of deferring to authority, monopolies eating big chunks of the market, censorship of free speech, and transactions, as well as little accountability of those in power, can be finally changed. The belief is that blockchain will transform these structures in an unprecedented way and will have a similar or even larger impact as the Internet had on our society. But what are the conditions for this to become true? What does it take to shift from a mere belief in a utopian world to reality?

Decentralization of Blockchains

These questions could be answered by analyzing different blockchains. Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS are good examples of the transformation this technology is undergoing. Bitcoin with it’s proof of work (POW) mechanism of consensus has been created to eliminate the middlemen and decentralize power. It turned out that within a few years, the mining of bitcoin performed on simple computers switched to mining concentrated in big data centers or concentrated in mining pools controlled by ASIC technology producers like Bitmain. The same has happened with Ethereum which is controlled by 4 mining pools.

On the other hand, EOS is based on the delegated proof of stake mechanism of consensus where block producers are voted in by the token holders. EOS is more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ethereum by upholding the idea of no single entity being a threat to the network and effectively protecting it from such attacks, but decentralization is not the only metrics for blockchain success. For a change in the world to happen there’s something more important that cannot be lost from view – the mission.

The mission

The mission of bringing change to the world of wars, corrupted politics, banks controlling our money, companies exploiting people or resources waste should be on the radar of each person who has an influence on blockchains direction and especially on the radar of the EOS block producers.

The vision is what guides the community towards a common goal, sets behavioural boundaries springing to growth while instilling passion.

With a clear vision in mind of a non violent society which people join with the purpose of belonging to something bigger than themselves and which is bigger than mere profit, with a vision of network well-being put in front of personal gains and decentralization through resource distribution, BPs and the EOS community can achieve in the long term what hasn’t been possible with Bitcoin.

BPs are the core of the platform with the token holders watching them as points of authority. If they uphold a set of core values like honesty, nonviolence, voluntarism, restitution, sustainability, responsibility, accountability and strive for this vision the network will be safe and flourish automatically expelling bad actors.

It is important that the BPs set an example of what a good network servant means. Community members inclusion into projects through airdrops or other sorts of token distribution is a good way to maintain decentralization and to align the incentives of all platform participants.

In times when one of the biggest social changes is coming, it is imperative that those who hold the new power don’t fall for recreating the old constructs where instead of a collective good, personal gains is what counts the most.

Only when BPs uphold the highest values and strive for this vision will we see a change in the world.

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