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Lately Bitcoin price saw an impressive rise in early April through late June, going from 4,150 USD to 13,950 USD. During this time period, most altcoins underperformed relative to Bitcoin. This leaves many wondering, when will we see the rise of altcoins? 

If history is a good indicator of what’s going to happen, I am certain to say, altcoin cycle is coming very soon. 

Above: BTC
Below: ETH, LTC, XRP

Looking at the last bull run, we see the first week that altcoins gained serious momentum was during the week of Mar 6th 2017. That same week happened to be the start of a three-week correction period for Bitcoin, where Bitcoin saw a roughly -35% correction from 1,350 USD to 925 USD, after a nice run up. It suggests that Bitcoin investors earned a very healthy return on BTC, with their growing appetite for risk taking, they reallocated their capital from BTC to altcoins, causing BTC price to correct and altcoins prices to rise. It is also worth noting that 1,350 USD level at the start of BTC correction period was around the same level of the previous BTC price record high achieved in December of 2013.

Not saying history will exactly repeat itself, but if we use it as a guide, we should be looking for a time in the near future where liquidity outflows from Bitcoin and goes into fuelling the 2019 altcoin bull run.

When altcoin cycle kicks in, it will be the time for various crpyto projects to shine. Especially the teams that concentrated on product development during the bear market. However, crypto investors have limited attention, and there are thousands of crypto projects trying to compete for a moment of that attention. How does a crypto project gets itself in front of investors’ eyeballs? The answer is: Marketing and Promotion. This is where Real World Coupon (RWC for short) comes in.

Real World Coupon is an EOS-based coupon project. Even though it does not directly provide marketing and promotion services to crypto projects, it does offer discount on such services, worldwide. Real World Coupon project has several characteristics that combined together to make the project unique: 

  1. Project concept of coupons is very simple and widely accepted. 
  2. Project token RWC is the coupon, and can already be used at 10+ partnering merchants and platforms.
  3. RWC coupons are infinitely re-useable, a huge upgrade to existing coupon system.
  4. When used, RWC coupons offers a pre-determined discount measured in EOS.

Below are Real World Coupon’s partnering merchants and RWC use cases:

Crypto Wallet Promotion

MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
Paytomat100 RWC10 %10 EOS
Token Pocket100 RWC10 %10 EOS
BitPie100 RWC10 %10 EOS

Media Promotion

MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
EOSwriter100 RWC10 %10 EOS
BlockToday100 RWC10 %10 EOS

dApp Platform

MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
DappReview100 RWC10%10 EOS

Tailored Marketing Services

MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
Moran500 RWC10 %50 EOS
Block Patch500 RWC5 %50 EOS
Latitude500 RWC10 %50 EOS

Cybersecurity Services

MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
Hacken500 RWC5 %50 EOS


MerchantRWC to SpendPercent DiscountDiscount Limit
The Cake10 RWC10 %2 EOS

In most cases, every RWC coupon saves up to 0.1 EOS when used, this is the tangible value RWC offers to its users.

Real World Coupon currently has a total of 12 partnering merchants, with initial focus to service business clients such as crypto projects. Real World Coupon has also expanded to offer consumers discount on coffee and cakes at The Cake, a high end boutique shop located in Hangzhou (China) whose corporate clientele include Alibaba Inc. 

The Cake is a high end patisserie offering unique seasonal desserts

Real World Coupon team consists of active thought leaders in the EOS community. We are a distributed team operating in 6 different countries to  facilitate new partnership formations to further enhance the use-ability and value of RWC coupons.

Real World Coupon project has so far avoided both public and private fund raising, and there is no airdrop planned as of today. To get your hands on RWC, the token lists on BTC Alpha today July 9th and will soon list on Newdex.

RWC is listing on BTC-Alpha exchange on July 9th

Real World Coupon Website: www.realworldcoupon.com

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