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Timeframe – 7th of July to 14th of July

July 8th – OFFICAL Launch of the Wombat App.

“Wombat is the fastest and most seamless way to get a free EOS account, to find the best dApps and to manage assets and keys safely. The App focuses on a great UX for everyday users without the burdens of EOS account creation or staking of resources.” – Wombat Team

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July 8th – EuropeChain will launch its Mainnet.

EuropeChain is an enterprise based chain for businesses that needs a decentralized system which is compliant with European regulations and will be launching on the 8th of July. Founding partners/BPs are EOSDublin, CryptoLions, EOS Amsterdam and Dutch EOS.

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July 9th – Real World Coupon will be listed on BTC Alpha.

Real World Coupon is the infinitely re-useable coupon powered by EOSIO. The project has already partnered with 12 merchants worldwide to offer discounts through RWC tokens (coupons). RWC will see it first exchange debut at BTC Alpha on July 8th.

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July 10 – Effect.AI will release Effect Force on the EOS Mainnet.

Effect Force is the first Decentralized micro-tasking platform for AI development. Organizations will use Effect Force to transact between a global human workforce to structure and enrich vast amounts of data, while users can earn EFX by completing small tasks.  

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July 10 – PUML are Pitching at the HYPE Sports Innovation Event in Brisbane, Australia.

EOSphere’s Health and Fitness Partners ππ”πŒπ‹ are pitching at the HYPE Sports Innovation Event in Brisbane, Australia on the 10th of July. PUML creates fitness rewards programs that incentivise you to get fit and stay fit. The more you visit, the more tokens you earn, which can be redeemed against a wide range of rewards.

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July 11 – WordProof proposes Web Standard for content Timestamping.

WordProof will be publishing a new webstandard and plug-in to GitHub in reaction to requests from other developers who want to collaborate. They will actively invite others to improve / contribute to the standard.

On Github they will publish:

  • source code plugin
  • web standard version 1.0 (not called WordProof, it will be generic) 
  • checker for timestamps using our standard

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July 14 – EOSreel will release their new game CRUSH.

EOSreel will release its first betting game, Crush. EOSreel have tried to build a simple game that brings excitement of gambling to users who are tired from multiple losing spins in a row. You can mine ER from Crush, but the unit payability of ER remains same with other slots.

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