Australian BP EOSphere and top EOS gambling dApp DICE are collaborating to run a charity poker event on the DICE platform. Proceeds from the event will be distrubuted to the Humane charity.

“Humane is a charity project built on the EOS blockchain, determined to enable all of humanity experience love in its truest form. Every single project undertaken by humane is open to the public. We believe that this would encourage a very transparent collaboration between and our donors as well as our investors”. 

Here are the Event Details:

Event Details:

Date: Saturday 27th of July
Time: 12pm UTC
Event Address:

Buy in: 10 EOS
Telegram channel:

You will play against some of the EOS community celebrities such as Ashe Oro, Luke Stokes and Alex Saunders.

You can learn about the prize pool and more details from the official medium post here.