pixEOSreel is here.

Being a huge fan of both the pixEOS platform and EOSreel’s slots I had a crazy idea… What if EOSreel developed a slot machine with pixEOS symbols and design?… How cool would that be, it would clearly be the best slot machine ever created……

Well, my idea has come to fruition and pixEOSreel is LIVE! Huge shout out to both Fred from pixEOS and Jin from EOSreel for listening to my idea and taking me seriously, I have a lot of ideas and most of the time people think I’m crazy. Well, who’s crazy now!

The pixEOSreel machine is a “WILD” idea

The PixEOS team designers have done a great job designing the artwork/slot symbols and the overall cypherpunk theme of the machine. We even managed to convince them to include our logo! The EOSwriter WILD symbol is the second highest valued and substitutes any other symbol.

pixEOS designed symbols

PixEOS has been responsible for all the design areas for this project, and we were happy to be able to organize the game with good quality design resources provided by PixEOS.

EOSreel Team

EOSreel now currently has 3 slot machines running and they all contribute to the grand jackpot! Red Diamond having a higher max bet of 2 EOS returns a grand jackpot win of 6K EOS whereas pixEOSreel’s max bet of 1 EOS means you would take home 3K EOS. The pixEOSreel slot is the cheapest way to play for the jackpot.

Red Diamond grand jackpot
pixEOSreel grand jackpot
pixEOSreel to feature on the pixEOS Hub

It was a super exciting experience to be able to skin this machine. Partnering with EOSreel opens a whole new universe of fun for our designing team and we are super keen to see it rolling with PIXEOS tokens soon.”

Fred Nogueira – pixEOS CEO

You can play pixEOSreel now on the EOSreel platform, and it will be applied to the pixEOS gaming hub in 2 weeks!

Before playing any gambling dApps please remember they do have addictive characteristics, please don’t gamble more than you’re willing to lose. This is not a sponsored review but I do hold EOSreel tokens.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. I am not a financial advisor, and I am not giving financial advice. I encourage you to conduct your own research and/or consult with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decision. Cryptocurrencies are a new digital asset class that is highly speculative and risky.

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