And we here at EOSwriter are extremely honored to be part of this historic moment. The article you are reading right now is the first to be time stamped onto the EOS blockchain.

As blockchain entries become the standard for best journalism practices, content that sits on mutable private databases won’t be treated as authentic, original, or true.

Brendan Blumer – CEO of

So what is WordProof?

WordProof is a WordPress plugin which enables you to time stamp your content onto the EOS blockchain for free. Sebastiaan van der Lans is the creator of WordProof and does a much better job describing the project than us!

Why is time stamping content on a blockchain so important?

“In five years from now, if you don’t timestamp your articles on the blockchain, you’re going to be considered a fraud.”

Brendan Blumer – CEO of CEO Brendan Blumer talks at London Fintech Week 2017 about Decentralized Autonomous Corporations.

Brendan said it in 2017 and now we are literally witnessing it. The age of censored and fraudulent content is over! and we here at EOSwriter are 100% behind this movement, hence why we jumped at the opportunity to begin time stamping our articles on the EOS blockchain.

On-boarding New EOS Users

There are currently 75 million publishers using the WordPress software, which means that (at the time of writing) 32-33% of all internet websites are running on WordPress software. Given that the software is open source the WordPress community is huge! and EOS seems to be perfectly situated to onboard a large number of these users.

The Future – Internet 3.0

Time stamping content onto the EOS blockchain is one part of a larger movement towards creating the Internet 3.0. EOS now has……

  • dmail – Allowing EOS account holders to send and receive decentralized mail with their EOS accounts.
  • EOS Domain Names – EOS Name Service is currently working on an EOS version of the current DNS (domain name system) to turn your EOS account name into a decentralized DNS.
  • Hosting – As the scalability of the EOS mainnet continues to evolve with projects like LiquidApps and Dunya Labs, websites will soon have the option to be hosted on the EOS blockchain. We have heard predictions of late 2019 for this to become a reality.

Interested in time stamping your content?

If you’re interested in using the WordProof plugin on your WordPress website you can join the beta test group now!

The historical WordProof Timestamp on explained!

The first timestamp was placed on May-16-2019, 12:39:32 PM CEST. Why is Timestamp under this article more recent? 

WordProof’s founder Sebastiaan explains why: “ was one of the first WordProof users, they started using WordProof when it was still a demo. When WordProof launched, we did raw hashing of the title and the content of an article. While improving the products and services WordProof’s providing, we developed an open-source standard for Time-stamping. New time-stamps will be backward compatible, but the very first timestamp as it has been placed on this page not valid anymore. Hereby we provide you the tools to prove if the initial timestamp is valid. Of course, it is valid, but we’d encourage you to find that out by yourself to learn more about the process of hashing and stamping.”


  • The title: “WordProof just made history on the EOS Blockchain.”
  • The content (click to download the raw content)


  • This is what the WordProof plugin did:
    hash: sha256(JSON.stringify({title: post.post_title, content: post.post_content}));


  • hash: d49cd49c0dd2ba73b8800ffac5e19b71d04136bd3f38df5c6338b610e37cca28 (see it’s timestamp here)

Here you see the very first version of the WordProof Timestamp certificate with EOSwriters’ historical Timestamp:

If you want to learn more about installing WordProof Timestamp, here’s the WordProof Timestamp Installation Guide:

Thank you

First and foremost we must thank Daniel Larimer, for creating the amazing open source software that is EOSIO, it is this software which has spawned the community we see and interact with today and without it none of us would be here.

Thank you to the EOS community for your feedback, attention and constant support, and to all the people who have helped grow EOSwriter into what it is today. Listed below is our current team plus all the people who have helped EOSwriter along the way.

EOSwriter Team Members

Kenny – EOSwriter Founder/CEO

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Sofiane Delloue – EOSwriter CMO

Aneta Karbowiak – EOSwriter Senior Writer

MaxDapp – EOSwriter Video Content Creator

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Community Members

Sebastiaan van der Lans – (WordProof) WordPress help

Stellabelle (pixEOS) – Guest Writer

Martin Breuer (EOS Nation) – Translator

Raleigh Felton (website)- Graphic Designer

Rochelle T (Effect.AI) – Proof Reading

Fred Nogueira (pixEOS) – Early Supporter

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EOSwriter is here to help grow and support the EOS community, we are a group of passionate, engaged EOS community members and we have big plans for the future! I wonder where we will be in 10 years when we look back at this article? How big of a deal is the first time stamped article on the EOS blockchain?


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