A telegram channel called EOS DS Hot Updates recently published a public opinion poll asking which EOS token are their readers most bullish on.

Out of 150 respondents at the time of writing of this report, the results were as follows:


PixEOS is currently in the lead and it’s not surprising. The team has recently been on a roll with its CEO, Fred Nogueira, attending various events around the globe including an SVK Crypto conference in London, Blockchain Gaming conference in Minsk and Endless Dappathon. The project recently announced its token launch on Newdex. It also announced a partnership with Chintai, as well as a highly impressive roadmap. On top of all of that pixEOS has already launched a slot machine game in collaboration with EOSreel. You might be surprised to see whose logo appears in the game as the WILD symbol (hint: it’s ours!)

pixEOS EOS Reel slot machine has EOSwriter logo as a wild card
pixEOS Reel slot machine – https://eosreel.io/


Dice (previously known as Bet Dice) currently holds 2nd position and is a strong contender. This project was a highly popular crypto gambling dApp just a few months ago. However, it suffered some significant token price setbacks as the entire crypto gambling market became oversaturated and commoditized. Too many lookalike projects entered the market too quickly and made it hard to differentiate for the serious projects on the market. As a result DICE token price dropped significantly and users began pulling out their staked tokens.

DICE token price shows a roller-coaster ride
Ouch, after a huge spike DICE token price declined to just above its launch levels

However, despite these issues, DICE continues executing and delivering a great “delightful” gaming experience. Unlike many other “fly-by-night” gambling dApps that crashed and burned in the last several months, DICE keeps on firing on all cylinders during this EOS-gambling bear market.

We still have high expectations for this project over the long-term. Here’s the latest update video from the team:


Chintai is a global decentralized high-performance leasing platform. Initially it only permitted leasing and borrowing of the EOS tokens and became highly popular with the consumers and dApp owners who saw borrowing EOS as a way to significantly reduce their project launch resource costs. As of last week Chintai became one of the first platforms to offer access to the REX (Resource Exchange). It also announced the launch of the CHEX token and the 2.0 platform which will eventually allow leasing of other EOS tokens, as well as NFTs. This is also highly bullish news.


Everipedia was one of the earliest adopters of EOSIO, as well as the first project to receive funding from one of the EOS VC arms – Galaxy Digital. Aside from being a simply awesome alternative to the mundane Wikipedia, Everipedia’s team is working on releasing on a predictions platform called PredIQt which promises to blow Augur (a similar project run on Ethereum) out of the water. Knowing the team behind Everipedia and how smooth high transaction volume projects run on EOS, we have no doubt that this will be a successful development for the team. We are planning to take a deeper dive into Everipedia and its roadmap in the near future.

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