If anyone tells you that EOS dApps are about gambling, just point them to Eva. Eva is a ride-sharing dApp, competing with Uber and Lyft, which runs on EOSIO blockchain. You can read our prior article here.

Here’s how Eva team describes its product: 

Eva is a cooperative whose mission is to continually develop new decentralized technologies for urban mobility. In this sense, Eva offers a platform for liaison between driver and passenger members to promote a sharing economy ecosystem. Being a cooperative, Eva democratizes the redistribution of wealth and promotes a climate of cooperation and collaboration.

Yesterday Eva launched its ride-sharing service in the first market – Montreal, Canada. According to the company, close to 6000 users already downloaded their app. The company is also processing 400 driver applications.

Eva prides itself on passing higher percentage pay onto the drivers than Uber. Company only takes 15% of the pay vs. 25% for Uber. This creates quite a sizable incentive for the drivers to use Eva rather than one of the more established ride-sharing apps.

You can read more about the launch and the team here.