Canvas FE

If you haven’t seen the new pixEOS canvas game (FE, or Flash Edition), you really should. It actually really looks beautiful. You can go and check out the details and play the game here:

New pixEOS Flash Edition canvas

Unlike the first iteration, you can spend pixeos tokens to create your art on it. And the fact that these tokens are (unfortunately and undeservingly) dirt cheap now makes it really easy to spend them and find your inner Picasso or Chagall.

As a test I spent about 10 minutes drawing various shapes on the canvas. I managed to spend less than 2000 pixeos tokens on that. At the current pixeos price that will set you back whopping 0.15 EOS. So go on and create some fun art!

Ricardo Tejada of the pixEOS community posted a great analysis of the new canvas. You can review the entire analytical post here.

PixEOS Token Price

Speaking about the token price… We predicted that there will price drop following the exchange launch. In the same article we also listed several reasons why we believe you should HODL onto your tokens. However, no one could have imagined that the price will suffer such a significant decline. This is very upsetting and frustrating as we know that the team behind the project is really working hard to implement the roadmap which has many exciting features.

The fact that the timing of exchange listing coincided with the apparent revival of the crypto markets is not helping pixeos price either. EOS, and BTC/ETH, finally started making a comeback after a prolonged crypto winter. And investors yearning for the X’s (returns of multiple times on their assets) eagerly invest in these core tokens..

We still believe in the fundamental value that pixEOS project brings to the community and its long-term execution strategy. For now, we just need to remain patient and confident in the team’s ability to deliver. And they haven’t let us down yet!

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