’s June 1st event in Washington, DC, USA is going to probably be the biggest event organised by the EOSIO software company so far. It will be the 1st anniversary of EOS and the community is preparing to launch world wide events for this occasion. B1 June Watch Party organized by and Everything EOS invites everyone to participate in their Community Meetup and Mixer in Washington, DC.

Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer as well as Brock Pierce are poised for the event but there are no details as to what it will consist of or who exactly will participate. You will be able to catch the event in live stream directly from the official website but you will also be able to participate in other live streams organised by the community where notable EOS community members will participate as hosts and guests from all around the world.

Everything EOS is organizing a community meetup on the Eve of #B1June to celebrate the launch of the EOS blockchain. has invited community members to participate in the official event but those who got no invite can still participate in the meetup.

Evertything EOS invites community to join them for networking and drinks on May 31 at the Biergarten Haus in Washington, DC from 6pm until 9pm. You can join them on their Telegram channel for the latest news and updates on this event!

The B1 June Watch Party will stream the Everything EOS pre-party and will continue live streaming for 24 hours or more. There will be people in Washington DC days before the event, and they’ll be sharing with the community the on-goings on the ground. They are planning to have 12 or more 2-hours sessions. The live stream schedule is being prepared right now and we’ll update you when it’s ready.

EOS Discussions organized a special mailing contest for this occasion. They’ve partnered with dMail and will give away 10,000 MAIL tokens to the person with the most referrals.

dMail is an EOS dapp that allows users to send emails directly from their EOS account to another EOS account. What you need to do is invite through dmail another EOS account holder to join the live stream for the #B1June event.  Just send a dmail with the event link:

If you don’t yet have any MAIL tokens, drop them a comment in the link below after you’ve logged in with your eos account:

And if you have any troubles regarding how to login, ping them at eosdiscussionsapp

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