With years of experience creating top-grossing online slot machines, the CryptoMania team is now on a mission to bring the user-experience of traditional online casino games to the EOS community and the blockchain world. After which, they plan to bring the blockchain gaming world to the masses: “We will not stop at the existing EOS community — by expanding our marketing reach and simplifying the on-boarding process, we plan on bringing CryptoMania to a greater audience and eventually to the masses!”.

Creating slots that run on smart contracts enable players to enjoy the added benefits of full transparency, provable fairness, self-custody of funds (no deposits and withdraws), and the incorporation of a play-to-mine mechanism allowing any player, and especially early-adopters, to become part of the platform’s stakeholders and earn an income from the games they enjoy so much.

CryptoMania sees a bright future for the blockchain casino gaming industry in general and slots in particular, since slot machines are said to be the most successful form of casino gaming.

All Slots Games are NOT Created Equal

What makes a slot machine truly great is the mathematical engine behind it. CryptoMania is said to be leveraging top-grossing, battle-tested slots mathematics coupled with fantastic designs to create exceptionally entertaining games. Moreover, they apparently managed to make their games 2X faster compared to existing slots dApps.

CryptoMania — The most exciting and rewarding game on EOS!

CryptoMania will be officially announcing their launch and releasing their first slot machine next Monday, the 20th of May. The CryptoMania team commented : “we are developing a world-class DLT enabled slots platform and we plan on releasing many more top-quality games in the near future. We provide the fairest, most fun and rewarding game on EOS while preserving the highest standards practiced in the international casino industry!”.

CryptoMania first title features:

  • Win up to 500X your wager!
  • 96% Return-To-Player
  • Spin-to-mine MANIA tokens and earn daily dividends.
  • 1.6% of all wagers are allocated to the dividend pool.
  • Win the ‘Mega Bonus’ and become an instant MANIA whale!

The MANIA Token

When playing on https://cryptomaniaslots.com/?ref=maxdappwhale, users will be rewarded with MANIA tokens – the platform dividend distributing token which grants its holders a proportional share of the daily dividend pool. The dividend pool will hold 1.6% of any EOS wager made on the platform which if successful, will amount to huge sums of money. “We have designed and innovative mining scheme that is more engaging and fun, as well as implemented a distribution plan that we believe will eliminate most of the current ‘play-to-mine’ model flaws. Our model will greatly reward early adopters while supporting the long term value of the Mania token”.

The CryptoMania team stated that soon they will enable wagering on the platform with MANIA tokens, apparently with no house profit and a burn-mechanism for burning losing MANIA wagers.  

CryptoMania is offering automatic free CPU and NET on the platform. The game is currently available on desktop using Scatter. On mobile, the game is officially listed on: Math Wallet, More.One, and Bitkeep, but you can play on any mobile wallet by entering the url: https://cryptomaniaslots.com/?ref=maxdappwhale

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