On Wednesday the 15th May pEOS price noted a 24% increase to the price of dollar and a 15% price increase to EOS and a 75% in 24h volume increase on NewDex.

pEOS token enables private and untraceable transactions on EOS. Being built on the EOS blockchain means that the users can take advantage of lightning fast 0.5s privacy covered transactions. It combines Monero’s ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses with EOS performance which means that transferring pEOS tokens is truly private.

“In pEOS a transaction does not expose the address of the receiver. Sending pEOS tokens to a pEOS address does not generate a transaction that visibly identifies the sender, nor the recipient. Tokens are transferred each time at a new address (a public key) that derives from the recipient’s address and random data from the sender“ writes the pEOS team in the white paper.

pEOS private transactions

The pEOS team took the snapshot of the EOS blockchain on 15th February and performed a 1:1 airdrop on all EOS account holders what means that Block.one, the software company that created EOSIO holds 10% of all 1,250,000,000 PEOS supply.  On 26th April 38% of the total pEOS supply, that amounts to about 480,000,000 pEOS, got burned. pEOS has now a fixed total supply of about 770,000,000 pEOS.

One community member asked Daniel Larimer what Block.one are going to do with their pEOS Dan answered: “HODL”.

In times when users talk about privacy more and more and when the
big tech companies continue to take it away from its users, having a choice of privacy covered transfers is paramount. Larimer said that “pEOS is a start” and the expectation would be more EOS privacy:

On 9th May coinmarketcap listed pEOS which is a big success for a newly created token.

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” pEOS team quoted Benjamin Franklin in the white paper.

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