So I’ve been brainstorming ideas to protect EOS against collusion and ensure the top 21 are independent entities.

Daniel Larimer

And with that single comment Dan spiked the interested of anyone and everyone interested in the future of EOS.

There has been a lot of talk and worry lately that EOS could be heading down a road which has destroyed other similar DPOS chains in the past, the idea of whales colluding to form a cartel and eventually ruin the EOS mainnet is a very real threat. It’s something I myself have thought about a lot, as it’s really the only way I can imagine for the chain we all agree on as the EOS mainnet to fail. Keep in mind even if this was to happen the community could simply launch another EOSIO chain, so it wouldn’t be the complete end of the world but in saying that it certainly wouldn’t be good either!

It is great to hear that Dan Larimer is well aware of this threat, taking it seriously and delegating his oversized brain to the issue. Below are some of his ideas on the matter… What do you think should be done to stop collusion of the top 21 BPs? Leave a comment below and share with other EOS community members to spread the conversation.

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