The crypto bull market is back, but the EOSIO ecosystem has been experiencing a steady growth throughout all the bear market and this is visible in many EOS related news and in the development that has been very intensive.

EOS listing on Coinbase Pro is the culmination of the EOS community striving for decentralization. EOS coverage by influential YouTubers is a sign that the efforts are being noticed.

“I can barely keep up with other coins because I’m so immersed in EOS.

It’s pretty amazing that I can regularly do large EOS Mega Updates. So much happening– it’s a full-time job in itself. Fine by me as EOS is very interesting and I think it’s the future of where crypto is going” writes Colin Talks Crypto.

Daniel Larimer has spoken on the progress his team is doing with regards to EOSIO:

“Our team is exploring some innovative solutions to improve blockchain scalability and the ease of developing multithreaded decentralized applications. #eosio will continue to lead the industry in scalability and ease of development.”

Colin Talks Crypto said that he thinks: “EOSIO made a really intelligent design decision to use a widely accepted and adopted language, C++. These other projects with proprietary languages like Plutus (Cardano) and Solidity (Ethereum) shot themselves in the foot.”

Larimer has readily praised the advantage of using C++ language as it “enables a whole host of domain specific languages via tools like Boost Libraries

Later on, Dan wrote on Twitter:

And when someone asked about Trump he answered:

“I don’t support anyone who authorizes war or sanctions killing thousands.”

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