Battle Trivia a new game on EOS just announced their closed Beta signup launch. You can go to the official website and sign up there.

What Is Battle Trivia?

Battle Trivia is an interactive game where participants will answer trivia-type questions in order to win rewards in various tokens.

One of the use cases for the game that the team proposed in their blog post is that they will be introducing new crypto projects through this interactive game medium. Also, judging by this screenshot participants will be asked any other types of trivia questions:

There will also be an opportunity to earn TRIV tokens (not yet clear exactly how) that will buy you lifelines spendable in the game.


The team behind it has plenty of familiar faces. Battle Trivia is a collaborative project between RocketBCEOS Lynx and Ben Sigman who is involved in several projects such as Sense and shEOS.

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