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Timeframe: 30th of June – 7th of July

EOSIO™ v1.8.0: Stable Release is now available. Voice release is getting closer.

Block.One recently announced the new stable released of EOSIO v1.8.0. This release marks major enhancements for EOSIO paving the way for a more secure and scalable future for EOSIO based blockchains.

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Crypto Sword & Magic is Live! Play with TokenPocket.

Crypto Sword & Magic recently went live on the EOS mainnet. Crypto Sword & Magic is the new version of the much loved Facebook RPG game ‘Sword & Magic’. The team incorporated blockchain features into Sword & Magic, all assets are fully owner by users in a form of NFT tokens. 

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MEET.ONE Wallet is officially 1! Win 1 million MEET.ONE.

The MEET.ONE Wallet is officially 1 year old! They have announced a 1 million MEETONE token airdrop to celebrate the anniversary of their mobile wallet.  To take part in the airdrop be sure to follow their guidelines.

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Zeus SDK Release Streamlines EOS and DAPP Network dApp Development.

LiquidApps recently released the Zeus Software Development Kit (SDK). Zeus enables easy dApp development, testing, and deployment — even immortal deployment, creating dApps that cannot be maliciously or accidentally shut down.

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Chintai Automated Resource Management: Setup & Info Packet.

The Chintai team released a new article with more details regarding the Chintai Automated Resource Management. 

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KuCon Exchange launched the EOS Soft Staking Program.

Kucoin recently announced the launch of their newest EOS Soft Staking Program. Through this program, KuCoin will stake its users’ funds on the EOS mainnet. KuCoin will do its utmost in assisting their users to seek the maximum profit in the EOS mainnet staking process. All the revenue generated will be distributed to users accordingly.

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ARXUM obtains a seven-digit Euro investment from FinLab EOS VC.

ARXUM, a global provider of blockchain solutions for connecting the manufacturing industry with customers and suppliers, obtains a seven-digit Euro investment from FinLab EOS VC.

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Major EOS DApps are joining the DAPP Network.

LiquidApps recently announced that some of the most performing EOS mainnet DApps are joining the DAPP Network to make their dApps more powerful, more scalable ad more user friendly. 

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Rocket Battles Pre-Launch Giveaway & Game Sneak Peak.

Head over to: rocketbattles.io and sign up with your best ‘Battle Motto’ to WIN 1000 Rocket Tokens — 500 winners cap. Be a part of the small community that will get the chance to try out our state of the art PvP betting arenas with ranking and matchmaking algorithms of the highest quality before anyone else. 

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token.store EOS Opening Trading Competition with Parsl SEED.

token.store announced a trading competition with Parsl Co. Parsl is a platform that utilizes leading edge technologies to create a supply-chain that is efficient, transparent and safe.The Competition will run for 7 days from 2nd July to 9th July GMT, attendees can win up to 2,000,000 SEED tokens. 

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YO10 — Celebrating our first 10 listed tokens.

After only a few weeks of launching their beta site the YOLO liquidity platform has already made a mark on the EOS Ecosystem. YOLO now has 10 initial listed tokens.

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WIZZ Network Just Released NEW Chat Encrypted Messenger for EOS Account Holders.

All of your conversations are private and end-to-end encrypted. WIZZ encryption technique are unique to each chat message. You decided to share your identity or not. WIZZ Chat also offers Encrypted Group Channel on WIZZ Chat in case you want to reach a specific group of friends or businesses. Sending a single message in the group chat will send the message to all the people who are part of the channel.

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LiquidAccounts are here, first LiquidApp is running on EOS.

The LiquidApps team announced the arrival of LiquidAccounts. With LiquidAccounts (prev. vAccounts) dApp developers have an opportunity to offer free virtual accounts as a means of seamless user on-boarding. 

The team recreated Block.One’s tutorial game Elemental Battles and added some of the DAPP Network solutions: 

  • vRAM
  • LiquidAccounts
  • LiquidDNS
  • Frontend stored on IPFS

This new version of Elemental Battles is now the first LiquidApp running on #EOS.

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Equilibrium and EOS Authority Implements REX Staking Functionality.

Equilibrium recently announced the new feature for their platform: the REX Staking Functionality. Now all of the 2.5 million EOS stored as collateral into the Equilibrium framework will be staked to REX, allowing users to receive REX rewards. 

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EOSphere – WAX Guild Candidacy Announcement.

EOSphere annouced their candidacy as the EOSphere Guild on the Worldwide Asset eXchange Blockchain

EOSphere are an Australian based and registered PTY LTD business headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Committed to EOSIO technology they aim to serve the entire EOSphere enabling community growth and EOSIO platform adoption through provision of block producer services and initiatives.

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EOSIO Labs™ Release: Specification Repository for Architecture and Approach Feedback.

Block.One released the EOSIO Specification Repository, a dedicated repository in GitHub through which the developer community can easily collaborate with B1. 

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Huobi Pool will no longer take any position as co-founder of BOS Foundation.

BOSCORE recently released a statement regarding Huobi Pool’s involvement in the BOS Foundation. Apparently, Huobi Pool decided that they will no longer take any position as co-founder of BOS Foundation, but they will continue to contribute as eco-partner. 

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