Lots of FUD created yesterday with this article from Bloomberg. Once again the mainstream crypto media outlets have shown they’re incapable of delivering balanced journalism.


All of this information along with a lot of other material was supplied to Alastair, but facts were chosen and arranged deceitfully and with poor journalism standards.

Brendan Blumer

It’s clear as day now that the mainstream crypto media and especially Bloomberg have an agenda against EOS, Brendan Blumer did a great job of highlighting this fact again with the tweet below…


This is one of the reasons EOSwriter is so necessary in my opinion. There needs to be a strong voice to fight back against the FUD levelled against EOS. We are working hard to grow our platform, we have a partnership with a soon to be named Chinese promotion company in the works to help bridge the gap between the east and west EOS communities as well as the development of an EOSwriter token model. We believe with the communities support we can grow to become a strong voice against the mainstream crypto media FUD/anti EOS agenda.

Dan and Brendan were quick to respond to the FUD yesterday jumping onto Telegram to restore a sense of calm within the community, their commitment to open and transparent communication with the community must be commended. Below is the conversation as it unfolded, Enjoy!

Zack Gall and Rob Finch from the Everything EOS Podcast just did a live YouTube video diving deep into the FUD a couple of hours ago which you can also view below!

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