During this last bear market (which I’m not saying is over, but I’m praying it is), something beautiful happened — consumer-friendly dApps! These funky new decentralized applications, built with blockchain technology, started appearing more and more during our journey from Bitcoin $19K to $3K. However, unlike the dApps developed when the market was hot, these were consumer-friendly. I’m not saying all previous dApps were terrible, but let’s be honest, people weren’t using them.

Some may attribute this advancement to just being the time it took for the 2017 ICO season to bear fruit. Think of it as market Darwinism — the companies there for a quick buck left or failed, and the believers who were there to build a great product kept calm and built-on.

Because of their hard work, I now have dApps that I use daily. Even more importantly, the barrier to entry is so low that people I never thought would use blockchain are now proud owners of multiple dApps and their first crypto wallets.

I keep seeing tweets from people saying things like, “My 1st blockchain app and loving it!”, “So excited to send my first token! Sense me one, and I’ll send one back.”, or “ “My 1st blockchain app and loving it! My wife and I use this app daily and just found out it’s on the blockchain. We’re tech-savvy now!” So, what are these dApps that they’re referring to and how do they utilize blockchain in a way that comes naturally?

Well, here is a list of dApps that seem to be the most consumer-friendly, fun and useful. Perfect for those who wish to introduce their friend or family member to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


“Sense.Chat is built on the EOS blockchain and allows you to safely chat and transact with your friends and family without third-parties storing or spying on your data. Within seconds, you can create an account then start chatting and sharing cryptocurrencies with the built-in digital wallet.”

It puts your wallet right in the middle of your conversations. Say thanks for the coffee and pay them in EOS or the companies token SENSE. Also, I am a nut for privacy, so the fact that video calls are peer-to-peer is impressive.


“Minds is built on the Ethereum blockchain and an open source decentralized platform for Internet freedom. Get paid in crypto for your contributions to the community.”

This dApp takes only a few seconds to create an account and start posting. If your friend or family is looking to try a new Facebook or Reddit type of place, then this may be it. Plus with you can get paid for your posts.


“KARMA is built on the EOS blockchain and is a social network for good. Users are incentivized to do good, share positive & cool content and receive KARMA.”

The extraordinary thing about this dApp is that you are incentivized to do good deeds and the online community can reward you. Some of the posts on here are truly spectacular and reminds you of the kindness that is out there.


“Lumeos is built on the EOS blockchain and allows you to get paid for your data by filling out surveys for third-parties.”

This dApp is cool because you can get started quickly and make money answering questions during your downtime. Your data is worth a lot and Lumeos is helping you monetize it.

Try one or try them all! If you like them, tell your friends. They probably won’t even know they’re using the blockchain! Apps like Uber and Lyft spread like wildfire based on word of mouth and your recommendation will go further than an advertisement on privacy, fun, or even financial gain. It’s still early, but don’t let anyone tell you that “nobody is using blockchain.”

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