Chintai recently issued a whitepaper for the upcoming release of the Chintai 2.0 platform and the CHEX token.

Chintai is a global decentralized high-performance leasing platform. The original version only allowed leasing of the EOS tokens. Here’s a description from the whitepaper:

Chintai is a fully functional token leasing platform that will allow EOS token holders to generate income through token leasing, while in turn providing critical resources needed by dApp developers. The high-powered Chintai leasing engine will allow for instant algorithmic execution of market transactions to create a thriving token leasing platform:

  • Robust token leasing marketplace
  • Lightning fast order execution
  • Feeless transactions between users
  • Sophisticated order-type functionality
  • Highly liquid bandwidth delegation pool
  • Secure and transparent arbitration accessibility

But this week Chintai announced the release of their 2.0 platform and the timetable for the issuance of the utility token called CHEX:

Our vision entails expanding the Chintai platform into a comprehensive resource exchange comprising:

  • Native token leasing for any EOSIO blockchain for CPU/NET including an integrated REX interface
  • Leasing of potentially any Utility Token – e.g. DAPP Token Market
  • EOSIO RAM trading
  • OTC (over-the-counter) Bespoke Token Leasing
  • 100% on-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) capable of hosting all EOSIO trading pairs
  • Digital Asset NFT & SFT Leasing / Auctions – e.g. game assets (as non-fungible tokens)
  • CHEX Smart Matching for automated leasing that yields the highest returns from any leasing market at any given moment
  • dApp Bonds – Issuance and Secondary Derivative Trading Markets 9. EOS and CHEX Token Futures – hedging and speculative trading

CHEX tokens will be released using the Dutch auction model that will launch for 240 days on April 8, 2019, and end on Dec 4, 2019. The longevity of the auction is somewhat similar to that of the EOS ICO that lasted nearly a year. There will be a total of 1 billion tokens issued.

Holding CHEX tokens will offer the following benefits to its holders:

  • LOCK / UNLOCK – this will be a security feature that allows CHEX holders to create customizable lock periods from 1 to 90 days to prevent theft.
  • REDUCED FEES – When using CHEX tokens for trades users will receive a 25% discount on fees.
  • CONVERSION EFFICIENCY – smart matching algorithm allows achieving the highest income level

The last point above essentially encourages users to utilize CHEX tokens as an intermediary in all of the leasing operations in order to earn maximum income, which seems to be a very strong incentive.

Other features that the team will be working on are Chintai virtual item leasing which adheres to the gaming community. The idea here is to create a marketplace for leasing of the in-game items, most likely with the help of the NFT and SFT (semi fungible tokens).

Membership leasing is another feature that the team is planning to release in the future. This will allow users to share/lease their membership in various services.

You can purchase CHEX token now from the link below…


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