This is the latest speculation circulating throughout the EOS community at the moment. So is there any merit to the idea and where did the idea come from? We previously wrote about Daniel Larimer’s interest in Bitcoin here.

The idea is that the peace sign which Daniel Larimer has been posting continuously of late is alluding to a layer 2 solution for scaling Bitcoin.

Both Dan and Brendan have mentioned numerous times throughout the year that EOS could be used to scale Bitcoin.

“What if #Bitcoin could flow onto #EOS and transact nearly free and nearly instant, while becoming programmable and scalable”

On top of this, we recently found out that is a major Bitcoin holder with an astonishing 140K BTC (1.2 Billion USD). It is no wonder they want to scale Bitcoin. B1 owns almost 1% of the total supply!

Sam Kazemian, Everipedia Cofounder President and DecentralBank Cofounder CEO also thinks EOS is a great solution for BTC scaling, writing this article on the subject. Michael Blu highlights a section of the Medium article on Twitter.

If created even a small (relatively speaking) EOSBTC scalability fund, EOS could ironically be the most well funded, highest development activity, and promising BTC scaling technology overnight.

Sam Kazemian

So with all this information, one can gather that is clearly working towards a scaling solution for Bitcoin. The big question on everyone’s lips though is will it be released on June 1st! Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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