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EOSreel Strategic partnership with pixEOS

We are very excited to announce our partnership with pixEOS on April 5, 2019. Under this partnership, EOSreel will be in charge of development, operation and maintenance of pixEOSreel that will be released on 28th April with both EOSreel platform and pixEOS game center. pixEOS will be in charge of the entire graphics and game design.

pixEOS gaming hub

The signing of the agreement with pixEOS shows our determination to achieve our goal in producing the finest and transparent casino games to solve inconvenience withdrawal and probability manipulation in existing online gamble industry.

We believe pixEOS’s fancy design and UI will make pixEOSreel the beautiful collision of art and game.


pixEOS has developed the first Art Gamification Platform through a smart-economy on the EOS blockchain. pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities enabling artists to promote, tokenise ownership, and monetize their content!


EOSreel is the highest quality decentralized casino gaming platform based on EOS blockchain. EOSreel can never be manipulated, and all the users are able to view every verification process. We provide the finest dividend model. Users can earn daily dividend from ER they mine while experiencing EOSreel’s outstanding gaming dApps.

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