Switcheo Exchange announced today that it went live on the EOSIO! This is an exciting development because it is yet another project has now extended its offering on the EOS blockchain.

Switcheo is a Singapore-based popular non-custodial exchange run on the NEO blockchain, facilitating peer-to-peer transfers of digital assets. Until today it only allowed trading of multiple NEO and ETH tokens. But now with the EOS launch it will be adding EOS tokensto its exchange as well.

We wrote an article about Switcheo + Obolus partnership that you can read here.  

To simplify the onboarding process and to eliminate one of the friction points within the EOS ecosystem – network fees – Switcheo will be paying the network fees needed by users to interact with its exchange smart contract. This will eliminate the need for the users to stake their own tokens, a requirement that typically tops the list of hindrances of the EOS blockchain.

Among other collaborators Switcheo has chosen EOSPark as its block explorer partner and Scatter wallet as its first integrated EOS wallet.

To celebrate the launch, Switcheo will run several events where they will be giving away SWTH tokens as reward. Find more details in their announcement post

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