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EOSreel’s 2nd release!

Slot games have evolved with different rules and symbols in many regions since it has a long history. As the online slots game became popular, this diversity was even more maximized. In recent online slots markets, fancy features such as more than 50 paylines and oddly shaped reel configurations have been featured beyond the traditional features of slot games such as Jackpot and Bonus games to some people.

Online casinos try in many ways to drive best excitement and addiction in legal boundary with diverse and exciting features.

Today, I am going to talk about Asian-themed slots symbols.

These are classic examples of Asian-themed slots game, FAFAFA, and DUO FU DUO CAI. They are the most popular Asian-themed slots game in real casinos. Western people got easily attracted by the mysterious Oriental symbols with majestic sounds.

As we have seen above, all online casinos running Slots game consider the various product lines of slot games as important. EOSreel also understands its importance and will constantly provide various themes of slots and other casino games.

Fortune’s Door

Our second slots game is Asia-themed, free spins featured slot game. Fortune’s Door has a different mathematics model and payout rate with Red Diamond so that users will have totally different gaming experiences.

Symbols of Fortune’s Door

Fortune’s Door symbol configuration for normal spins.

5 Wild symbols will make killing sprees on the reels !!

Free spins

Free spins are obtained when collecting more than 3 Scatter symbols(door). The number of free spins varies depending on the number of Scatter symbols.

3 Fortune’s Door : 6 free spins

4 Fortune’s Door : 12 free spins

5 Fortune’s Door : 20 free spins

6 Fortune’s Door : 40 free spins

7 Fortune’s Door : 100 free spins

Again, during free spins, you will not see Scatter and low symbols but much more Wild symbols that give you x2 payouts!

ER mining in Fortune’s Door

Fortune’s Door has 4 betting sizes and ER gets mined in accordance with the sizes of the wager. The betting sizes are quite different from Red Diamond. There are two reasons why Fortune’s Door has different betting sizes.

  1. Paylines
    Fortune’s Door has 30 paylines while Red Diamond has 25 paylines. In EOSreel, the wager gets automatically divided and placed on every payline. Therefore, the total bets should naturally be divided into 30 pieces.
  2. 0.03 EOS wager
    Due to the increase in EOS price, we set the minimum bet at 0.03 EOS. It will help people feel the excitement of Fortune’s Door.

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