Voice is the new social media dApp from Block.one according to Bloombergs latest article.

If true, it’s no surprised Bloomberg has leaked the information, choosing profit over reputation seems to be their style. Having recently published this article, Brendan Blumer had this to say in response….

All of this information along with a lot of other material was supplied to Alastair, but facts were chosen and arranged deceitfully and with poor journalism standards.

Brendan Blumer

Are Bloomberg pulling this information out of thin air? or have they been given the information under embargo as Dan Larimer mentioned today on Telegram. Either way it’s not a good look for Bloomberg in our opinion.

It sure looks like there could be truth to the report as it lines up perfectly with Dan’s peace sign emojis.

Disappointing the information has leaked beforehand (if true) but super exciting at the same time! We’ll all find out soon!

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