“On Voice, you don’t need to have a million followers to have your voice heard. You can use your VOICE tokens instead”

Daniel Larimer – CTO of Block.one

Block.one just concluded their presentation at #b1June Event in Washington DC a couple of hours ago, and I am literally speechless. In my opinion this is without a doubt the highest quality production event the cryptocurrency space has ever seen. We cover some of the highlights below, including the new VOICE social media platform.

The EOS Earn Program

Learn to Earn is a great and sorely needed initiative created by Coinbase and Block.one. It is imperative as the cryptocurrency and specifically the EOS ecosystem grow that we can educate the masses in a simple, clear and precise way.

Coinbase and Block.one have achieved just this, you can start today and earn $10 USD worth of EOS! This is a great resource to share with friends & family who are interesting in EOS and wanting to learn more.

The EOS Earn Program lessons cover 5 basic topics:

  • What are EOSIO and EOS?
  • What is Delegated Proof of Stake?
  • What is the EOS token?
  • CPU, NET, and RAM: Resources on EOSIO
  • Developing apps with EOSIO

Start learning and earn EOS now on https://www.coinbase.com/earn/eos/


“EOSIO 2 for us and the community, is just the next step in making EOSIO, the fastest, most scalable and most useable blockchain software in the world”

Daniel Larimer – CTO of Block.one

EOSIO 2 will introduce EOS VM, a web assembly engine designed specifically for blockchain.

Currently the EOSIO software is running on the WABT engine which increased the original Binaryen engine by 2X. The proposed EOS VM Engine will increase the speed of which you can execute smart contracts on the EOSIO blockchain by an astonishing 12X!

This is the first step towards multithreaded execution as Dan just recently mentioned on twitter following the #b1june event.

EOSIO 2 will also support signing transactions with any web browser through YubiKey. Dan stated “Your blockchain keys can be tied to a particular domain or device.” This is exactly the kind of security and safely needed to bring blockchain to the masses.

VOICE Social Media Platform

At this point I’m going to hand it over to Brendan Blumer to articulate to you the current issues today’s social media platforms face and how VOICE will solve these problems. His presentation is raw and thought provoking, and I simply can not do it justice with a keyboard.

The social media platform will use the VOICE token. In Dan’s words “the VOICE token has the fairest token distribution in the world”.

The VOICE token can not be created by buying it or burning electricity, it can ONLY be created by REAL people communicating or creating great content.

Voice will use a multistep authentication process, designed to make sure every single account is unique and belongs to a real person.

You will be able to use the voice token to increase the visibility of your content, or use it to allow others to find the content you found valuable. If someone decides to voice their comment ahead of yours, you will get your VOICE tokens back plus some extra. Users will also receive a free account when they sign up to use the Voice platform.

BUT there’s more to the Voice platform than just being a social media platform. It will allow other applications on the EOS public network to now be able to create unique identity enabled applications. This will literally change everything, as it will allow projects building on EOS to leverage the VOICE token to their advantage, making building on EOS so much easier once again.

This concept and design is absolutely mind blowing in my opinion. If Block.one and the VOICE platform can pull off what they are suggesting in this presentation we can look forward to a more transparent, fair and equal society for all.

Voice.com is LIVE! sign up for your free EOS account today.

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Daniel Larimer, Brendan Blumer and the whole Block.one team for all the hard work they have put in over the last year to build the EOSIO software and EOS ecosystem into what we see today.

EOSIO IS Blockchain.

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